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About Us

Mega Store is a modern retail experience store. Primarily established in Faridabad, at Mega stores, we promise to deliver a fair shopping experience with authentic &quality products. We aim to make the shopping experience quick and hassle-free. Our mission is to provide best quality products and services at the right price to the customers. The point is for a helpful living prompting supportable benefits to the investors and satisfying our duty towards the general public and climate at Mega Store.

We also focus to create as well as retain customers that keep on returning for more. Through mega store & elaborated range of brands, unbeatable value for the product & delivery is offered to the customer.


Chairman Speaks

A Very Sweet Welcome, “Business growth” As we start the New Year, we will be reviewing and addressing our challenges and goals, it will be a time of challenges this year as we witnessed the challenging global economic crisis during the pandemic. Mega Store believes that with our collective efforts and resilience, our journey this year will be a promising one with the launching of many new outlets of Mega Store, facilities and more importantly the sophisticated ERP advanced which are customized based on our needs and incorporated our years of International Experiences in order to meet the expectations of Mega Store’s Customers and Franchises more effectively and efficiently."

We will continue to emphasis and focus on our formulated N-year strategic plan enabling your spearhead economic growth and moving a business into a risk-free scale where you are wishing for.

• Complaints/enquiries sections is provided to gauge feedback for our continuous improvement.

• Integrity Policy which is our main focus and attention in line with Mega Store

I wish to reiterate that Mega Store will continue to spearhead revolutionized-economic development in the state and will benchmark with the best of industry to give our best in service delivery.

Our Vision

As food & retail Industry is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Our vision is to be foremost Retail Brand that makes India healthy and happy with a promise to provide genuine & wholesome foods. Passionately deliver convenient & meaningful solutions to the regular needs of the diverse Indian consumer in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Team

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