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Store Location

For any retail store, to establish its name while retaining the footfall, a perfect location plays an important role. It becomes extremely challenging for any retail company in the indian market. The reasons are poorly designedshopping complexes, poor tenant mix sky -rocketing rentals & poor infrastructure.

The way to overcome such challenges is to take leadership by exploring the emerging modern markets and household complexes. And then stay present in these locations for initial 2 to 3 years. The lower footfalls in the above scenario can be countered by being present in a small format store along with strong focus on the delivery model and having a vast range of product mix.


As the demand for grocery shopping is emerging and to fulfill the need of customers, a retail shopping experience is MUST. This encourages us to expand our market share in emerging economies while providing ample services to our customers , thereby fueling the global grocery shopping market growth.

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